Learning a second language can sometimes be quite a difficult and painful process. We tend to try to force this new language structure on to the existing mental framework our brains have built for our mother tongue.

Instead cognitive learning is an organic teaching method that enables you to learn in harmony with how your brain is designed to work. Our teaching methods allow you to build new neural pathways and networks (not jam existing ones), so that words and language come to you easily.

Cognitive learning is flexible and allows for the fact that each of us is different, with a unique blend of learning styles, goals and objectives. I work with each of my students in a structured way, using appropriate techniques, so that they learn the language to their desired level in the easiest and most efficient way possible for them.



I have a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the University of Buenos Aires* with my specialist subject being Cognitive Linguistics. I have also attended the International House Spanish Teacher Training and I started the UBA Training Program in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign or Second Language. I have been working as a Spanish teacher since 2006 and throughout these years, I have taught over 700 hundred private students from all around the world.

In addition, I have had some work published (link) and I have also spoken at the 7th symposium organized by Argentine Association of Cognitive Linguistics. I have recently started an internship to conduct cognitive linguistic research at University of Buenos Aires under the tutelage of Dr. Claudia Borzi.

I’ve learnt some Italian, basic French and I resumed my Swedish studies not long ago. I am interested in gender studies, politics, economy, linguistics, languages, psychology, and humanistic in general.

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* The University of Buenos Aires is among the top 30 Universities in this subject according to the QS University Ranking

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Olga says:

    Hi Sofia! I would like to start Spanish lessons! What are the prices for classes? Can we have first lesson tomorrow? Thanks for reply in advance!

  2. Pavel Sokol says:

    Le hasard de la vie m’a fait rencontré Sofía. Quelle magnifique enseignante de la langue.Incoyable! En une leçon, sur une page, toute la conjugaison de tous les verbes espagnols. Avec tous les ‘irregulares’! Logique, claire, efficace. La leçon suivante, rebellotte, le ‘pretérito’ sur une page. J’arrête là mon énumération. Merci Sofía. PS. Il ne me reste ‘que’ travailler tout cela.

  3. Barbie Taylor says:


    I’m interested in 2 hours of Spanish classes twice weekly. While I prefer an authentic classroom setting with all the structure of an academic environment, I don’t want intensive lessons like the ones offered in all the Spanish schools here in Buenos Aires. If you have a small group class at my level, that would be great. Alternatively, I’m willing to pursue private lessons (as long as they don’t become conversation-only sessions). I’m a complete nerd, and want to follow a syllabus, complete with grammar, comprehension, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    Do you come to student’s homes? If not, where are you? I live in Alto Palermo, and am unwilling to travel more than a few blocks. I have no car and really don’t want to have to rely on the terrible taxis.

    I’m a 57 year-old retired Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I’ve studied French and a tiny bit of Mandarin. I’ll be living in Buenos Aires for one year and want to continue Spanish lessons the entire time.


  4. Charna Dibner says:

    Hola Sophia,
    Querria apprender espagnol con vos si se puede. Estoy en Buenos Aires 2-15 marso, y queria apprender dos horas cada dia ou casi, la classas privados. Diga me por favor si es possible para vos.
    Muchas gracias.

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