On Argentinians & plans

¡Sí, seguro! ¡Dale, buenísimo!
¡Contá conmigo! ¡Nos vemos el sábado!
Tengo que confirmar pero ¡seguro voy!
Oh, yes. You’ve heard this way too many times to know what it really means: they won’t show up. But don’t be so hard on them. It’s not they didn’t mean what they said, it’s only that, for some, future can’t be decided beforehand. No matter what.
Because planning after all requires a certain number of assumptions, mostly based on a long life experience of stability. Everytime you look ahead and you decide about what to do, everytime you fill your schedule, you assume things will be then just like they are now. However, when you grow up here in Argentina, this is hardly ever the case, and you know what they say: habit makes the man.
To exemplify, let me tell you about my first lesson as an adult: I first moved to BA in 2000 with the plan of studying at University. By that time, I was offered to volunteer for the Judicial Power with the oportunity to become a permanent state employee if I stayed enough. 7 to 12, perfect for studying, promising salary. Since it was my first year all by myself in this huge city I preferred to focus on studying, so I rejected the offer thinking I would probably apply the following year. One year later the economy collapsed and I had to find a full time job quickly and I was now in no position to volunteer or even to take my time to choose. Long story short, I found a job, survived the 2001 crisis and now, 12 years later, I am very happy and about to graduate. Yet, the moral was: you can’t commit to future.
So remember, when you invite your Argentine friends, for them future is this shapeless piece of time you can’t write on.
What to do then? re-re-re-confirm.
    Step 1 – 7 to 10 days earlier: 
    “Che, voy a hacer una cena en casa el sábado ¿Querés/quieren venir?”
    Step 2 – 5/3 days earlier: 
    “Che, ¿Todavía hacemos lo del sábado?” Confirmame/vayan confirmando porque tengo que comprar las cosas
    Step 3 – 1 day earlier:
    “Bueno, gente, los espero mañana en casa a las 21. Los que confirmaron son: __ , __ y __ ¿Alguien más?”
    Step 4 – the same day (optional):
    For the ones who still haven’t answered, a text: “¿Venís hoy al final? Si no avisame así no te cuento.
Good luck!

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