To improve your fluency & pronunciation…

…Have you ever thought about singing?


As I say to my students when time comes: learning how to pronounce is comparable to learning how to dance: it implicates muscles of your body, specially your tongue. It requires practice and out-loud repetition, begining with words but aiming at uttering full frases.

Voice technics used in singing lessons are great for singers and actors but also for language students. It helps you to feel confident about your voice, to put words together and to practice in a fun way (other than the words you might learn)

If you would like to give it a try, I can´t recommend enough Viviana Scarlassa as a teacher.

Not only is she the best Tango singer at the moment, but also she has a deep teaching spirit, full of pacience and love for what she does.

She normally teaches at her place in Flores, but it worths the journey! Find the details on her BLOG

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