SOUND NATURAL – part 1: Correct vs. natural

Sometimes, when learning a language, you get to a point when it’s not about grammar accuracy any more: you know what you are saying is correct but no one actually uses it.

That is the moment when you realise Spanish you have been learning from books disagrees with actual Spanish spoken in a real place.

In this section, I will provide some examples of correct yet unused expressions and a more natural (porteño) alternative.

Hope it helps.


– “Me gustaría un café (la carta, etc.) / Un café (la carta, etc.)  por favor”


      >>>  Te pido un café, por favor (interrogative intonation)

      >>> ¿Puede ser un café, por favor?

– “La cuenta, por favor”


      >>> ¿Me (nos) cobrás?

      >>> ¿Te pago, puede ser?

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