…speak as the porteños speak.



Warning! Do not use this vocabulary as equivalent to the ordinary words. They are very dialectal and often offensive.

Notice that some of them are used as nouns, therefore they require an article, and some others are used as adjectives.

Un nabo (turnip) =  Tonto-a  (Dumb).

Una tortuga (turtle) = Lento-a (Slow)

Un bagre (codfish) = Feo-a (Ugly).

Un loro (parrot) = Ugly.

Un perro (dog) = Malo-a (bad at)

Una cotorra (parrot) = Charlatán-a (Chatterbox)

Un salame (salami) = Idiota (Idiot).

Una vaca (cow) = Gordo-a (Fat).

Un chancho (pig) = Sucio/ asqueroso (Fat / dirty, filthy).

Gallina (hen) = Hincha de River (River Plate fan).

Un gato (cat) = Prostituta (Prostitute).

Un banana = Man who acts confident and seductive but is actually pathetic.

Yegua (mare) = Mala (Bad woman).

Un bombón = Lindo-a (Pretty man or woman).

Jamón del medio = Hermoso-a (Beautiful man or woman).

Un burro (donkey) = sin educación (uneducated)

Pavo (turkey) = (tonto-a) dummy

La edad del pavo = puberty

Idioms with food.

Mandar fruta = To say or to write something you are not sure about acting as though you were.

Agarrar para el lado de los tomates = To misinterpret what somebody said.

Hinchar(le) los huevos/los quinotos a alguien = To piss somebody off.

Papita pa’l loro / una papa / pan comido= easy,  a piece of cake

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